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Learn a Little More About KnowtheRisk!

KnowtheRisk! Is a first-of-its kind, innovative, educational program that has been developed with the professional needs of both the insurance broker and the risk analyst in mind.

It offers valuable medical, non-medical and financial underwriting information in a format that is both engaging and instructive. The material has been written, edited and modified many times to ensure that the content is accurate, up to date and relevant.

Our goal in developing this website is to provide you with practical information that will make you better informed than ever before and thus be a source of professional satisfaction.

We recognize the many challenges in today’s underwriting marketplace. As one example, applicants are older than before and often have multiple medical impairments. Large amounts of coverage and premium may be at stake. It is little surprise that the handling of these applicants by the underwriting department can appear  overly complicated and difficult to understand. Misunderstandings can arise frequently (and they do!) and can be a source of frustration for all involved, not least the applicant.

KnowtheRisk! sets out to address some of these challenges head on. It prevents information in 2 very different formats that we call Rating Guides and Modules. Rating Guides are short exposes of a topic followed by an underwriting guide that gives a general idea of how the underwriting department will assess the life or critical illness risk.
The Modules are more comprehensive presentations of medical or non-medical conditions. They are written in a simple and direct style.  They provide essential background information on the impairment in question with an emphasis on mortality and underwriting. Each module is followed by a quiz that will be scored and returned to you. Educational credits will be available for all completed tests.

As a frequent visitor to KnowtheRisk! you will become more familiar with common medical conditions and their impact on mortality. You will learn some of the basic tenets of underwriting such as how additional mortality is calculated and how it translates into additional premium. With time you will become familiar with the workings of the underwriting department will be able to anticipate underwriting requirements and will better understand underwriting decisions.

As the program develops we intend to introduce the KnowtheRisk! Seminar Series. This is our outreach program to you. In real time and on-line you can attend our seminars, advertised in advance and featuring topics we know you will find interesting. This should come as no surprise as you will have chosen many of the topics! This will also be your opportunity to talk to us and to ask questions from the comfort of your home or office. And of course, our e-mail address allows you to send your questions or comments to us at any time.

Finally, KnowtheRisk! is a perpetual work in progress. New rating guides and modules will be added at regular intervals and those already posted will be reviewed and modified to reflect new knowledge and changes in medical practice and to incorporate the development of new insurance products. KnowtheRisk! will thus capture the unique features of the web to deliver exactly the type and quantity of information you need.

It is our goal to provide you with a state-of-the-art resource. Challenging? Yes! Achievable? Yes! Exciting? Absolutely!

Welcome to KnowtheRisk!

Romeo Vitagliano, President, CEO and Co-founder of Knowtherisk!

Dr. Tim Meagher, Vice-President, Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder of Knowtherisk!